Friday, December 14, 2012

36 hours in San Francisco and Pre Op

I decided with my good friend Kellie's help that a quick get away was needed.  I have been thinking about everything way too much and San Francisco was a great place to clear my mind before the resection is done.  Kellie is a flight attendant for Virgin America and was able to get me on a flight for nearly nothing so I packed a bag and was off to visit my friends in the Bay!  I got to SF on Tuesday morning.  I took the first flight out so I was lucky enough to be up at 4:30am to carpool with another flight attendant friend and catch a ride on her plane.  Needless to say, the service was second to none and the flight was a breeze. (Thanks Caity!)

Once I got to the city it was like I never left.  I used to spend a lot of time in SF when I was living in San Luis Obispo and this was the first time I have been there in a few years.  Anyone who has ever been in San Fran knows the great smells you are immediately greeted with, the smell of piss and smelly homeless people- it is a welcoming smell that I missed.  Navigating the city can also be a task unless you are willing to fork out some cash for a cab.  I was up to the task and meeting up with Alissa was my first stop.   So off I headed on the Bart via bus number 30 to her amazing digs in the Marina district of San Francisco.  After setting down my bags and meeting Kobe (the most adorable Frenchie you will ever see) we set off for breakfast.  San Francisco has some of the most amazing (and pricey) food in California, if not the entire US.  It was an awesome breakfast, we finished up and headed out for a stroll around the marina.  SF is truly an amazing and beautiful city unlike any other in the world.  It is extremely congested yet oddly free and open.  You can be in the middle of the bustling city and walk 10 minutes to find a bubble of free space and alone time.  Alissa and I spent the whole morning just walking and talking.  It was extremely refreshing and we had some time to kill before Kelsey arrived!  Kelsey, being the spontaneous free spirit she is, decided on a whim to come and join me in San Francisco for 24 hours.  Now that is a turn around trip!

We greet Kelsey at the bus stop and head back to the flat after random encounter #1: running into Colleen (another high school friend) in the marina.  Back at her place, Alissa made by far the best vegan 'mac 'n cheese' I have ever had.  It was a great meal and even better conversation.  After dinner, Kelsey and I took a stroll through The Presidio and nearly froze in the cold San Francisco mist.  A long day to say the least and I was more than ready to go to bed.  We headed back and I was in for A TREATTTT in the morning!

Here is where the bad news starts.  I was supposed to stay in San Francisco until Thursday evening, but that was quickly changed.  Wednesday morning around 5am I woke with a splitting headache much worse than any I have had.  I got out of bed and tried to lay on the couch and focus on some never-ending infomercial about who knows what and no matter what I tried the headache continued to worsen.  About 20 minutes went by and I nearly had to sprint to the bathroom before throwing up.  This was an interesting feat seeing as how I had not eaten nor drank anything in the last 8+ hours so where all the fluids came from is beyond me.  After a couple more trips to the porcelain I decided I might wanna be closer to my doctor in case of an emergency so I called Kellie and asked her to work her Virgin America magic and get me on a flight back to LA that evening.  I was finally able to start to calm down around 9 or 10, the longest 4 hours of my life.  Kellie changed my flight and I was set to return later that day, but I was not about to let this little mishap completely ruin the rest of my trip so Alissa, Kelsey and I set out about the town.

Random encounter #2: Colleen eating breakfast!  Yep, we ran into Colleen again on our way to stroll the city.  We walked around for a bit then decided to grab our bags and head down to Union Square where we will eventually catch the bart back to the airport.  A couple photos and a bit of shopping later and I found myself back on a plane.  36 hours after arriving in the city, I was back on the plane leaving it for an unknown fate.  I am so thankful for the time I had and even as bad as the morning was, it was all worth it.  I had an amazing time; finally visited my friend who has been in the city for nearly three years and Kelsey even decided to join!  It was a much needed retreat for what I got to do today.



Palace of Fine Arts 

Today, was PRE-OP!!!!  Sounds fun, right?  It consisted of: arrival, meetings with nurse practitioner, meeting with oncologist number one, oncologist number two (who was quite a character and reminded me of the white guy from 'Half Baked'), physician assistant, anesthesiologist, accounting and check in lady, EKG, chest x-ray, blood lab work, prescriptions and lots of waiting rooms around 3 different buildings.  All of this was followed by a gorgeous 2 hour drive home in just about the most epic traffic I have experienced.  Natashia was a saint and stuck through it all with me!

I am exceptionally tired now and tomorrow is going to be a longer day than today.  I truly hope I can see you all tomorrow, even if it is just a hello!  There will be fun times and you can order to your epic shirt there as well.  

Night friends.


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