Thursday, November 22, 2012

We all have things we are thankful for.  Family, friends, a house over our head, a warm bed to sleep in, even the meal on our plate- the many things we all take for granted on a daily basis.  We take one day out of our year to remind ourselves and others just how much we appreciate what we have.  The thing is this year I am thankful for everything.  I am so glad to be able to spend time with people I love and whom love me most of all.  The human interaction is imperative to us as humans and without this interaction, life seems like it is in some ways pointless.  If I could break down everything I believe and think I know about life and why we are here, I would say that I truly believe that our life is not measured in days, months or years, but by how much we are able to change other peoples lives for the better.  Living a life on the pursuit of money, cars and girls is a life wasted if it is not equally important to help others every chance you get.  

Last Sunday Tasha and I went to 'Friendsgiving' at Stacy, Ben and Kelsey's home.  It was an awesome meal that consisted of the typical Thanksgiving dishes and the added vegetarian options for myself, Tasha and Kellie.  Tofurkey to be exact.  Spending those 3 or 4 hours with people that really care about each other was an amazing experience.  I used to go through the motions when doing certain things and I think I am slowly learning that every moment shared with someone is a moment that is important in of itself.  I find myself truly interested in most everything people say to me, no matter how boring or repetitive it is.  I really listen now and I want to remember everyones names the second I meet them.  I never used to take the time to truly try and remember a name, sometimes they stuck sometimes they didn't.  Now when I meet people I make sure and remember their name before leaving.  It is a simple thing that most people don't think twice about.  A name is what we are branded by, how we are recognized and how people identify us.  I think every person deserves the small amount of effort it takes to remember a name.

Today is Thanksgiving.  Today I want to say thank you to all my friends and family for their support and everything they have done for me.  Today I want to say thank you to everyone who reads this mindless chatter I post on here.  I want to say thank you to everyone, this has been a tough month and I really could not have done it without all of you.  Now go stuff your belly and tell your family you love them.


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