Monday, November 12, 2012

Doctors, doctors and more doctors.

Yesterday I spoke with another doctor, Dr. Liu from USC.  Dr. Liu was a very straight forward and smart man.  He is well established and knows what he is talking about so I feel comfortable taking advice from him.  He did not tell me anything I did not know already, I have a tumor in my brain and it needs to come out.  Whether or not it is cancer is still somewhat of a gray area.  He seems fairly certain this tumor began in my brain and tumors that start in the brain are either very 'good' (for a brain tumor) or very bad.  If it is malignant, the tumor will be quite agressive and more difficult to completely get rid of.  If it is benign (fingers crossed) than it won't be as difficult.  Dr. Liu broke it down for me quite simply, like in football with any pass you have 2 options - either you catch the ball or you drop the ball.  These might not be the best of odds, but they are the odds which I was handed and I am ready for the deal.

Dr. Liu is well connected in his field and knows many doctors.  He recommended a doctor who he believes is the best that Kaiser has to offer, Dr. Chen.  I have not yet met Dr. Chen, but when I do I am hopeful that he will be the one who does my procedure.  The appointment I have in LA is Tuesday the 13th of November.  I hope to meet both Dr's Pikul and Chen on the same day and get a more certain timeline as to what my surgery will look like.

The past week has been relaxing, it was much needed.  I got to spend time with my sisters, my niece, my family, my friends and my loving girlfriend.  In a way I am kind of glad I didn't have the procedure yet, it was nice to spend time with my sisters down here instead of up in Portland, although the weather was just about the same.  If I would have had the surgery done I would have been utterly useless the entire time Jo was here.

Until tuesday, the waiting game continues. . .


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