Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Change of plans.

A lot has transpired since my last post.  I have changed doctors, I've cancelled and rescheduled the surgery and now cancelled again*.  My new doctor, Dr. Tina Lin thinks that this isn't as simple as initially thought.  I knew all along that this was going to be a rough road and I am prepared for that, Dr. Lin just wants to make sure I am setting myself up for the best possible long term outcome.  Dr. Lin believes the entire mass (See below) is all tumor.  So all the irregular looking tissue in the scan is what she thinks is a type of Glioma.  Initially the thought was the surrounding area that looks different from the internal mass is just swelling caused by the tumor pushing against my brain.
So with the new information there is much more to take into consideration.  If in fact the entire mass is tumor, the outer most edges come extremely close to areas that are invaluable to my motor skills.  Dr. Lin wants to be able to get out as much of this tumor as humanly possible without affecting my motor skills at all.  This means she wants to do what is called a functioning MRI.  This is an MRI where I will perform tasks and answer question while a scan is being done.  This will 'light up' certain areas of the brain and she will be able to see much better just how close to the vital areas she can cut.  With this new information she recommended  I see another doctor in Los Angeles, Dr. Pikul.  This doctor is the specialist in the area of 'awake craniotomy.'  This is basically a brain surgery while I am awake, (sounds fun, right?!)  So depending on where this tumor is in relation to my motor skills area is now the question.  I am staying positive and optimistic and ready for battle.  I was ready for surgery tomorrow and I will be ready for surgery in a couple weeks.  I will update and clarify more a little later, for now I need a glass of wine and American Horror Story.



  1. Thanks for the reminder about American Horror Story.

    All I can say when Natashia called me is that this is tough but there is divine intervention going on here. OK so we will have a kick ass Thanksgiving and get you prepped for the next hurdle. No song tonight. Maybe tomorrow. In our prayers as always

  2. Ryan,

    You are in my thoughts.....


  3. My Dear Ryan,

    You have been on my mind all day. You know my story, or at least some of it. This all brings back so much that I have put away. I think you may face a different and darker Dragon. I pray not.

    I found writing is therapeutic in so many ways. You don't have to write for all to see. Keep a little black journal in your hip pocket.