Tuesday, October 30, 2012

November 8th.

The date is set.  The mental games have been played.  I have won.  There is nothing left to do now, but wait another week and a couple days.  This actually works out quite well for me.  To begin with, I thought I was going to be in the hospital for Halloween.  Now I get to hand out candy.  I also was under the assumption I would be recovering during the Servite / Mater Dei game.  Now I get to attend it.  I am going into this surgery with the highest hopes, but I will be expecting the worst.  Whatever the outcome is, I have no control over it, so as my high school football coach Larry Toner once told me, "Mr. Coffelt, is there anyway you can control this certain situation, can you manipulate the outcome to your liking?"  Me, "No."  Coach, "Then why are you worrying about it?"  There really is no point in worrying about things that you have absolutely no control over.  Sure there are things which one might want to put a little extra time into, but when it is all said in done, certain things in life you have absolutely no control over and just have to accept it.  There are countless mantras, prayers and sayings that say this same thing in 1,000 different ways.  People hear it all day long and pretend to think this way, but deep down they still worry and stress.  The past 4 nights I have slept like a baby.  I eat more now than I did before I found out and my head is clearer than ever before.  I have accepted the battle, whether it goes into something terribly hard or something not so bad.  I have been through some tough times in my life and I am prepared to take this on no matter what the doctor tells me.  I have an amazing family and my friends are basically the cats pajamas.  (Still don't know what that means, but I think it is a cool saying)  I still have not fully digested the fact that I have an unknown object growing inside my brain and I don't think I ever will, but I don't think I need to either.  It will eventually be out (I wonder if they will let me keep it as a souvenir) and I will get on with my life.  This experience has done so much for me and it has only been a week.  I am closer to my friends now than I can ever recall.  I have persuaded a few of my friends to quit smoking / chewing tobacco (whoever is left.....)  I get to see BOTH of my sisters in California instead of Portland!  And most of all this changed my ENTIRE outlook on life from top to bottom.  I have re-evaluated my diet and am now actually putting a lot of thought into what I put into my body.  Not many people think about nor care to know that what they put into their body DIRECTLY affects your health in every way.  What you eat truly is what you are.  If you put crap into your body, (which I have been known to do) your body will change.  I am still sorting through my research and trying to decide how to present what I am finding in the least biased and factual way.  What I can say now is that everyone needs to cut as much sugar and white bread out of their diet as possible.  Humans evolved eating around 2 pounds of sugar a year.  Today that number is somewhere around 150 punds give or take.  Cokes, energy drinks and even fruit juices are all crammed with sugar. Cancers feed on sugar and give the cancer the food it needs to grow.  By cutting your sugar intake in half you dramatically start to reduce your chance of cancers forming in your body.

Many people do no not know, or maybe do not understand that every single person walking on earth today has cancer cells in their body.  The question is only whether or not the conditions are correct for them to implant and start multiplying.  Nearly the whole population of the United States have the optimal environment for cancer growth, we can change that... I will have a copious amount of free time coming up here pretty soon and when I do, I hope that you all read what I have to say about health, fitness and the Western way of life.  I am not going to preach to you all that you must change, I simply want to help inform anyone who might not be otherwise informed and let you make an informed decision.

Until then I leave you with another quote of awesomeness by the great scholar and poet Will Ferrell, "Well I could be wrong, but I think diversity is an old wooden ship used in the civil war era."


And here's a cute puppy to make you smile. :)

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  1. Ryan there are no words to express how lucky we feel to have you in our lives. I am not happy about the way we are all choosing to be healthier. It should not have had to be because you fell ill or someone one else. But seeing you pretty much everyday and the new information that you are bringing to the table is wonderful and I know for all of us at the Swansea House we will benefit.
    Are you passing out candy at our house? because I freaking decorated like a mad women and I will be trick or treating with my lil monsters Landon, Bella, Zachary and Sam and won't even be home. LOL
    Time is a funny thing. So here is the song of the day in relation to time. Enjoy!