Wednesday, October 24, 2012

IMS?  More like I-MAZING! ---
Today is day 2, or technically I guess you could say day three since I found out the awesome news on Monday.  Yesterday was a crazy and non-stop thrill ride filled with an astonishing amount of love and support I honestly was not expecting in the least.  This blog I started just as ways to express my story and tell my family and friends what was happening with me on a day to day basis has turned into something a little bit bigger.  It was viewed over 3500 times in less than 24 hours... I am pretty sure I dont know half that many people.  I got e-mails from people I have never even met saying that I am inspiring them and I need to keep doing it.  So - I shall.  I shall not only continue on this journey with my updates and awesome puns, but I will try my hardest to keep you all in on every bit of this battle that I can (including the not so fun stuff, so be prepared.)

Today I had a choice, I could either sit at home, watch TV and mope around feeling sorry for myself, or I could go to work and be with some amazing people.  I think you all know what I decided on.  I have now worked at The IMS Company in Brea for a little less than two months thanks to the reference of my good 'ol pal Fidel.  In those two months I have been embraced and brought into the family in a way I could have never expected.  The IMS family is close, very close and I didn't realize it until today.  My wo-worker Roxy forced me to go to lunch even after I told her very clearly that I have not really eaten a proper meal in about 3 days.  Its more like take a bite of something - chew as fast as I can and swallow before I have to spit it out - wait an hour and repeat.  So I agreed and thought it would be nice to have one last lunch with my co-workers before I head out on this unknown journey.  Well, sneaky Roxy had something in store for me which I never expected - The entire repairs team, half of production and a handfull of folks from our endless other departments were waiting patiently at BJ's.  It was amazing to walk in and see so many happy faces and I was immediately in a better mood.  Lunch was amazing and though I did not eat anything, the company was all that mattered.  It was a lunch I will never forget and I didn't have a single bite of food.
The IMS card!

After lunch I headed back to the office and picked up on my mission to get my MRI scan to a Dr. My good friend Ryan Kalil has built a relationship with through USC.  Dr. Apuzzo is an extremely well known neurosurgeon (according to Ryan so chances are he barely got through med school) that was willing to take a look at my MRI and try to help with any questions or concerns I have before I talked to my surgeon.  The only catch, he is in LA and I need to have them to him before tomorrow 11am when he leaves for a flight to Japan.  Kaiser once again came through and gave me a disc with the entire scan on it.  So I left work around 4 to get to a different Kaiser in Anaheim to pick up my package.  I drove straight to Fed-Ex and I am not hoping they don't eff up and deliver it after he leaves. (Cmon Fed-Ex!!)  After Fed-Ex, a true miracle happened!  I was actually hungry!!  I demanded Tasha take me somewhere gourmet, healthy and guaranteed to be high in calories as well as customer friendly service oriented.
Obviously you all knew I was taking about Del.  2 chicken soft tacos, a bean and cheese burrito and some fries later and holy sh*t I felt like a new person.  It was the first true meal I had eaten since Sunday night and it could not have come any sooner.  Thank you Mr. Taco.

I am now back with my babe and her baby (Iggy) and we had a late bday celebration for him.  
He is the big 4 and clearly is very interested in what Tasha has to offer.

So all in all today was a great day.  I had a good time with my co-workers, had a great and nutritious meal and even got to go to a birthday party.  My battle has not yet begun, but Friday at 2pm I will be ready to rock.  I hope you all will continue on with me in my journey as we - in the words of the family friend and OR nurse Amy Thompson say, "Fuck shit up."  It won't always be pleasant and I am prepared to carry that burden, but with you all supporting me, it will be a much lighter weight upon my shoulders.  Once again I would like to leave you with an educational and poetic quote from the mastermind Sir Biggy Smalls, "Don't let 'em hold you down, reach for the stars.

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Peace and love.


  1. Give 'em hell Ryan!!! Long story but I had to go to the USC Norris Cancer Center awhile ago. They thought I had leukemia but by the Grace of God, I didn't. My point is that they are some of the most amazing doctors I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with. Super compassionate and actually give a shit about their patients. Like I said in the last post, we're all pulling for you. I know God has a much bigger and better plan for you than this. It's nothing a Servite Quarterback can't handle! I've seen hell week!!! We should plan on going to Weenie Roast again this next May. I have the most amazing pix from that one we went to. I'll email them to you this week. Stay strong Ryan!! We love you!

  2. Ryan, I am so sorry to hear the news. You are in my thoughts every day. As you know I am still fighting my own battle with CANCER. I want you to know that you can do this. The best advice I can give you is no matter what setbacks you may have, dont let them get you down, Stay positive, say busy at work, do the things you love, and most of all live your life to the fullest. After reading your Blog, you seem to be doing that. They say Laughing is the best medicine. So try and laugh alot. Watch a funny movie. Accept one thing you need to eat and eat healty foods. You have your family and friends that love you so much, and will help support you through this time in your life. I love you and wish you the best with your fight.