Monday, October 29, 2012

Amazing  Weekend.

It seems the universe always has a way to put you in your place.  To be honest, I have been staying extremely optimistic since the beginning.  I have never once asked "why me?" or even allowed myself to shed a tear.  The hardest part about all of this was breaking the news to my sisters and family.  It seemed like when they found out they were heart broken and wanted nothing more then to save me.  Even in times when we are suffering, we often forget that there are people MUCH worse off than we are.  This morning, I happened to find out a fellow Friar, Sonny Kaesbauer '04 was paralyzed in a swimming accident in August.  It has been two months now and Sonny has not been able to take a single step.  I knew Sonny quite well through football and he is an amazing and strong person.  He will walk again, for that there is no question in my mind.  It is simply a matter of when and how much hard work, and determination it will take.  Sonny has what may seem like an insurmountable road ahead of him, but with our help he will take it on with ease.  He has a couple of fund raising sites to help him get the rehab he needs to one day be able to walk again, they are or  Just when I was almost ready to start feeling sorry for myself I read about Sonny.  Stay strong Sonny and remember 'The four D's' in your rehab.  There has never been an easy journey for those who are great.

This past weekend was a well needed relaxation.  I don't recall a time in my life being so stressed and yet so relaxed.  Friday after eating a raw food lunch at 118 Degrees in Costa Mesa, I felt refreshed and energized.  I knew what was coming, but I had no fear.  Even if the doctor would have told me I only have 6 months and I should start my bucket list, it wouldn't have mattered.  The reason is- I truly know that this is just a blip on my timeline.  My life is going to continue, (weather you like it or not) for a long time.  I knew that when I woke up Friday and I know it today.  Saturday was another relaxing day.  I watched some college football and went to an amazing dinner with Tasha's family.  It was nice to catch up with them and seeing her family reminds me why I am so lucky to have her in my life.  After dinner, we went and watched a 'scary' movie.  Sinister, which had potential to be a good flick, but then just kind of just sailed off into the comedy sector unintentionally.  I will say though, seeing the movie with 6 beautiful women Andrea, Brighton, Stacy, Kellie, Kelsey and my babe of a gf Tasha made quite the happy camper.  Sunday was by far the best though.  Spent half of the day at the beach and watching football.  Then came back to have a backyard bonfire with a delicious vegetarian dinner and amazing company.  This experience is a daily lesson in life.  It reminds you that there is no need to sweat the small stuff.  Arguing over petty and overall pointless things in life is an extreme waste of time and energy.  If we are on this planet only one time and for an extremely SMALL amount of time, then we must take advantage of every second we are afforded.  Every person has an obligation to themselves to not waste their time and this experience has re-taught me this.  I learned this with my mother and after she passed I set out about to do what I wanted and not let time be a factor, but I soon forgot what she taught me.  It is far too easy to fall back into the routine of the Western society and forget that you need to live the shit out of life.  Sitting on a couch watching TV is not what we are meant to do.  We are meant to be out and about with friends and loved ones.  We are meant to explore and push the boundaries of what scares us.  Humans are an amazing species that in the last 200 years have gone from horse drawn transportation to the moon and mars.  200 years is a small blip in the overall life of this planet and if we were able to accomplish that much in so little time, there is no telling what the future holds.  The future that we are in charge of creating, this future is only going to be as great as we make it and I for one hope to see my children live on a planet that is far beyond what we see today.

For now though, I must first have this monster taken out of my head.  My doctor, Dr. Stea is also a Servite grad of '75 and if there is anyone in the world I would trust with my brain, it would be a fellow Friar.  Once he gets this thing out of me I will get back on track.  There is a long recovery after brain surgery, but I already have my mindset on recovering in half the time the average recovery takes.  I will be back to 100% before you guys know it.  Thanks again to all my friends and amazing family.  You guys are awesome.

Beach Day Babes!


  1. It is an amazing thing to sit back and see to things occur around me. One my daughter Natashia Tomek taking this challenge and facing it head on as I knew she would. The other is to see all of the friends you both have and watching them come together for you to help you through this. So the song today as part of my ongoing music montage is Feel the Love.

  2. It's also on facebook. Rudimental " Fell the Love"

  3. Keep rolling bud. Your story is an inspiration to me and Dave and we believe you WILL make it based on your attitude to win alone!! CREDO!!

  4. I donated to Team Sonny! He WILL walk again. Can't tell you this enough but you are an inspiration to me babe. I love you so much! Xx

  5. Small world. I know Sonny as well!!! He is a fighter and will walk again!! You are both inspirations to so many! Keep on fighting!!