Sunday, March 3, 2013

And so it begins...

I have been hinting at some big news for the last few weeks now, and I am proud and utterly terrified to finally be able to say that with the help of Ryan Kalil and a few other astoundingly amazing people, we will be setting up a foundation to help young adults live their lives the way they want to.  I have said since day one that I think the point of this life is to be happy and experience this world for all it has to offer.  There is beauty everywhere and when I was diagnosed at such a young age I felt like my bucket list turned into a tea cup list in a second.  I have been blessed to surround myself with such an amazing group of people that I was able to raise over $25,000 in less than 2 months.  This is something that I can all but guarente 90% of the worlds population would never be able to do.  This amount of money has given me a huge cushion and paid for all my medical bills up to this point.  I want every young adult affected by a terminal diagnosis to be able to do what he or she wants.  What I want to do now is help other people. This is what makes me happy and my network of friends has shown me how important it is to help someone in a time of need.

I am so thankful for everyones help, but now it is time to help others.  I have more than enough money to cover my expenses and I am now devoting my time, energy and effort all to this foundation.  I hope you all will continue to support me by supporting this foundation.  I do not care to put anymore money into research or finding a cure.  I have been tainted by the medical world through this experience and I find it extremely hard to wrap my head around the fact that after 50+ years of research they are still saying a cure is at least another 25+ years out.  Cancer has literally become it's own economy and if you truly sit back and think about the market that this illness has created you will see why maybe they are not in such a hurry to find a cure after all.  Millions of jobs are created, billions of dollars are made and a lot of very influential and rich people would loose a lot of money if a cure was found.  I am not a conspiracy theorist in the least, but come on...  This is why I want to focus on the person suffering, not the huge corporations doing the "research" to find the cure.  The cure will come one day when it does, the evil greedy doctors and pharmaceutical companies finally have to pay the piper and I can not wait to see those companies burn.

I have been meeting with people setting up the foundation and having paperwork expedited to get this up and running as fast as I can.  This is now the sole focus of my existence and I know this will make me happy.  The next few weeks will be full of meetings, setting up spaces, introducing more people and getting this snowball rolling.  I hope over time this can turn into something that will help change the lives of every young adult affected by cancer!


It was quite ironic, last night Ryan was given the honor of accepting an award in Leadership from Servite High School.  It was a grand celebration and testament to both Servite and Ryan.  I met with him before the dinner and knowing Ryan's large network I told him my thoughts.  He immediately replied by saying he wanted to surprise me by starting a foundation for me!  He had been planning on setting this up for the last month or so and wanted to help raise money for my bills.  I gratefully and humbly declined anymore funding as I have stated I am financially secure as of now and said instead of me, lets get this going and help the thousands of other people out there that do not have the resources that we have.  It was an amazing, emotional and extravagant dinner that was only topped by the outpouring of support, love, brotherhood and family that it is Servite High School's community.

Going forward the next few weeks I will have more information and yes, this will be a 501c3 non-profit which means we will be able to issue tax deductions for donations!  I am so excited and I hope you all are as well!  More news to come very soon and have a great Sunday!!!!!!

The man, the myth the legend.  Ryan Kalil, aka Frank's son.

One of the coolest dudes I know, Matt Slater.  (NFL pro-bowler the last 2 years... No big deal.)

"Find peace in happiness."



  1. This is awesome! If there is anything you need any volunteers for in this process, please let me know. I am more than willing to help out with whatever it takes to help get this foundation rolling. I may be going part time at my job soon and will have tons of time to help. What an amazing concept, and what amazing men who have come from Servite!

  2. Hello Ryan - My name is Lani Hana and I am a friend of Dodie's. One of my friends is a Servite grad from 1983. His name is Peter Sterling and he was also on the football team. Peter was diagnosed with a Glioblastoma Multiforme in March 2012. He lives in Mesa, AZ. I have suggested your blog to him and I hope you two can connect. So impressed with all you are doing and your positive attitude. Keep up the good work!

  3. Ryan
    I am still on a high from last night's gathering. I am not on the Servite campus as often as I used to be, so I am a bit out of touch with much of the dynamics of the place, but the Leadership Dinner reminded me that the Servite family is a true community. To see the crowd at the Hilton, all celebrating the ideals and values of that community, was inspiring. I was so touched to see the members of the class of '03 remembering old times and embracing one another....what a handsome group of young men.

    Ryan Kalil's tribute to you and his gesture of support for the new Foundation is a testament to that Brotherhood we all like to profess is a Servite virtue.

    Perhaps you have heard of "The Heroe's Journey"...In short, we all, at some time, in someway, are called to leave the comfortable and mundane lives we settle into...often aimless and self-centered...and step forward, perhaps reluctantly, on a journey that tests our very being...that opens up vistas to new horizons. In traveling the path of that journey the pilgrim, or hero, finds himself changed forever through the rigors and the pains encountered. He, or she, grows in experience and wisdom.

    I think you are answering the call to take that journey. It is ineluctable and it is coming from within. You will continue to meet new supporters...people you never knew existed.


  4. Ryan & Ryan
    People with this name tend to be a powerful force to all whose lives they touch. They are capable, charismatic leaders who often undertake large endeavors with great success. They value truth, justice, and discipline.

    Go forward Kings make your mark on the world and be the One to embrace one illness and give them ease. Love is everywhere and that is always free. For those of us who have followed you Ryan and your blog when the next young adult comes your way that you reach out to ALL of us will and should embrace their story as we did yours. It is an extension of you life, your Love, your Destiny.
    Thank you for letting me be part of your Epic Battle
    Mama Dodes LOL

  5. Hi Ryan, we don't know each other, but I have a connection to Servite and that's how I stumbled on your blog. I'm smiling looking at your handsome face, and crying reading about your journey and your beautiful, brave mother (angel) too. Your fighting spirit and much-needed honesty (about the greed in health care, etc.) resonates deeply with me. I'll put you in my prayers and send you the very best possible vibes and healing energy. You are inspiring more people than you know!