Monday, May 6, 2013

Round 4; Ready Start!

Another huge gap in posts which there is no excuse for.  When I started this I said I would keep everyone updated and I have been doing a terrible job for which I apologize for.  I have been pretty busy with a lot of different things and just have not sat down to update everyone.

The foundation is coming along exceptionally well and with the help of some awesome people I am really hoping this becomes something awesome.  It is slow moving and building a good web site is more work than I ever would have thought!

Last weekend I went out to Vegas to the Stupid Cancer Young adult cancer summit in Las Vegas.  I met some amazing and wonderfully inspiring people.  I also made some great contacts for the foundation and with the help of other young adult cancer fighters, we had a night of partying (which I payed for dearly the following day.  Guess Im not in college anymore! )  It was such a nice thing to just get away and clear my head for a couple days, this was my first trip since I started treatment and I now realize how relaxing just getting away for a night or 2 can be when going through this nonsense.

This past weekend I got one last chance to soak up the sun and have fun outside before I start my next round of chemo tomorrow (kinda strange how the 5 days I will be on chemo the weather is absolutely terrible and the day I finish it is supposed to be beautiful.)  With my babe of a gf, and a few of our friends, we went out to a nice lunch and enjoyed the sunshine all day Saturday and had an awesome lunch yesterday.

For the next couple months, the best way to keep track of me will be to 'Follow' me on Facebook.  Unless I personally know you, I ask you follow me opposed to become my friend just so I don't have a ton of people I dont know showing up on my wall (not that I don't care, just would probably confuse me more than anything.)  I will continue to try and update this as well, but I am becoming more and more busy with less and less time so with facebook I am able to post small updates.

If anyone is looking for something amazing to experience in Orange County in two weeks an amazing, beautiful and inspiring friend of mine is having a fundraiser to help raise money for breast cancer support.  She has now done it for the last 10 YEARS raising thousands of dollars and she is not even 30 yet!  I have been the last 3 years and it is always a highlight night of my year.  This year will be the biggest to date and I promise you will enjoy yourself.  For all the information, to donate or buy tickets check out Breast Cancer Fundraiser and at Breast Cancer Fundraiser Home Page  to learn about her mission.

Another huge thanks to everyone who has been following my story.  You guys truly inspire me and give me reason to beat this little monster in my head.  He is persistent, but I am unrelenting.

"When life gives you 100 reasons to cry, show life a million reasons to smile."


Beautiful people on a beautiful day.  

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