Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Little Kings Foundation!

It is with the biggest smile and best intentions I get to finally say Little Kings Foundation (or LKF) is finally launched and accepting donations at Little Kings!  This is just the first part of what will eventually be a full web site dedicated to young adults fighting cancer and preventative health and wellness.  It will also serve as an outlet for resources and help with fighting cancer in other ways than the traditional 'western treatment.'  This includes an entire mind, body, spiritual, diet and lifestyle philosophy that I have taken to through my journey.  I promise I will never push anything or persuade anyone  to follow in my footsteps, I hope to only give unbiased opinions on as many topics as I think necessary showing both the positive and negative aspects so you as a viewer can make an informed decision.  There are controversies and naysayers for EVERYTHING when it comes to fighting cancer.  The truth of the matter is there is no answer, so my philosophy is to try as many things possible and hope that one of them works.  Chemotherapy and radiation rarely totally cures cancer, and there are thousands of other options many people simply never hear about because their doctor will NEVER talk to you about them.  I am not negating Western Treatment because I do not believe in it, the truth however is on the contrary.  There are thousands of outlets where you can learn and read about Western Treatments, but there is not a stable and credible area that has lots of different 'alternative therapies' and I hope to share those with you through the LKF website.  I will go into much more detail as the web site progresses, as for now if you were one of the many who wanted to donate, the site is live and we have already built a trust due in large to the awesome kindness of our Co-Founder, Ryan Kalil with over $40,000 to help young adults fighting cancer!


On a not so awesome note, as many of you know I started my most recent round of chemo and this time was not a happy experience.  This round seemed to be much worse than the previous few and I found out why Monday morning when I did my most recent blood labs.  My blood tests came back extremely low and I had to stop all of my treatments until my blood counts stabilize.  I am doing fine and I am staying mentally strong and with this foundation launching I am staying as busy as I possibly can so I don't go crazy over thinking!  I have been a bit tired and I think I can relate to what women experience in 'morning sickness' now, but today I woke up at 5am fully energized and feeling exceptionally well after doing a high dose Vitamin C drip yesterday so I already believe I am on the upswing and on the plus side, I get an extra week off of chemo this month!!!

Thank you to everyone who cares enough to read these and especially to everyone who has or is going to donate to the LKF!  Lets see where we can get in making the world a little bit better together!

"It's not the number of days in a life that matter, it is how you use those days and how many lives you change in those days that matter.  We are all in this together and the only two things in life that are NEVER bad in excess are LOVE and FUN."



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